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Total Immersion


What is Ti ?

Total Immersion is the world’s most efficient, satisfying, and easiest-to-learn swimming technique. Total Immersion is also a method for continuous lifetime improvement in swimming.

Total Immersion has a foolproof approach to coaching swimming that brings results faster than conventional teaching, helping any level of swimmer or triathlete to master a fluent, efficient and fast stroke technique.

Although swimming is an essential life skill, traditional teaching and coaching methods have made it difficult to master because they teach an awkward, exhausting style of swimming. Total Immersion helps any student master an efficient and beautiful technique.
By improving the way swimming is taught and practiced we aim to make the whole experience more accessible, enjoyable and satisfying for all, no matter what their goal.

Why is Swimming Hard?

The reason many adults and children struggle in the water is purely that they have not learnt to relax and do not understand how to hold themselves in the water. The fear of falling from the surface overrides every thing else and causes wild movement of their limbs. This creates more unbalance and resistance and the cycle becomes a hard one to break.

Total Immersion helps by essentially breaking the strokes down and teaching you from the ground, one movement at a time. This way you can develop the correct building blocks required to swim a comfortable and controlled stroke. Once you master one position without sinking it makes sense that you can move on and try another.

Children and the Frustrated Parent.

For the parents of children that are struggling in current lessons they are often amazed at the change in their child's ability and attitude towards our lessons after only one lesson. In our Endless pool located in NAC Stoneleigh 10th Street at Stoneleigh Fit gym it is easier to calm the child (or adult) and slow everything down. They then start to trust the water and realise that they can actually balance and slide through the water with ease. Only once the child is comfortable do we move onto strokes. The children must have good breath control and body position for any skills to be absorbed.

Total Immersion and the Step by Step approach..

It is the the learning of a combination of skilled movements in water all at the same time that is hard and causes trepidation or bad habits to creep into your stroke hampering your progress. By focusing on short drills and one skill at a time you can begin to build a solid foundation to last a lifetime of swimming. This is essential for both adults and children and we have a wealth of experience to prove these methods work. Since 1989, thousands and thousands of TI students around the world—many of them self-coached–have learned to swim better than they ever imagined possible using the Total Immersion step by step approach.

How Long Will it Take?

Regular classes work much better for children as they rarely practice on their own but for adults we give you the knowledge to help teach yourself. You will learn how to structure your swim sessions more effectively as this is the key to rapid development, so every minute you spend in the pool is time spent learning and improving.

You will learn to reduce drag by achieving balance and actively streamlining your body, before learning how to create propulsion using whole body movements and use the non propulsive phase of the stroke to rest. Less is more!

Contact us now at to start your Total Immersion journey.

Iain Walters

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Video Analysis

Hi tech video analysis in our clean private Endless pool means no distractions and a very personal consultation.

Swimming Lessons - Endless pool

With the 4 camera set up and large monitor it is possible for us to show you exactly what is going on in your stroke and clearly demonstrate how to help you start correcting it. This instant visual aid results in faster learning times and you will truly be amazed by how much of your stroke can be rectified in such a short time.

Coach Iain Walters teaches in the pool with you and helps guide and correct you as you swim.

New Childrens Lessons...
at the Endless Pool

The Swim Space Studio provides a great environment where kids can develop water confidence and begin learning the core skills of swimming. The coaching method adopts the same Total Immersion principles that Iain uses to teach adults.

Small personal groups of 3 are now held in the Endless Pool. A great way for your child to receive correct technique advice and be taught from an early age a great way to swim.

The children love the personal attention and also the fun endless current that they swim against. The higher water quality means children suffering from Eczema or Asthma may find the experience results is less flare ups.

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